Out of one of life’s greatest tragedies comes this inspiring message of hope. In this beautifully narrated true story, Helen Delaney recounts the astonishing, unbelievable aftermath of her son’s death. The Messenger is the story of an unintended excursion into the world of spirit, assisted by a gifted medium and a Spirit Guide named Lukhamen. This is his story and hers. It is a story of redemption, of hope, of life eternal, and the promise that love is greater than fire, and wind, and time. 

Helen Delaney is an alchemist. This story, her journey, achieves the impossible: transforming unspeakable despair into courage; transforming a wish for death into a living dream of beauty."  
Dianne Houston, Writer, Director, Academy Award Nominee.  
“I was stunned by the beauty of this book.”
 —Jane Grosinger Butler, Chair, The Vendome Group
“If You Have Ever Grieved, You Must Read this Book.”
Mala S. Burt, Author, Playwright
“A beautifully written book.”
Gail Buchalter, Staff Writer, People Magazine, Contributing Editor, Parade Magazine.
“Powerful and thought provoking.”
Laura Ambler, Playwright, Author, CEO and Owner, East Coast Flight
“An intriguing story, beautifully told.”
Linda Fritz, Editor and Author of soon to be published book about Alaskan Doctor and Bush Pilot Milo Fritz